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Suri's Bio

Suri Roth is a trauma-informed, professional coach in effective, research-based methods in emotional regulation and stress modulation. She has been coaching and conducting workshops for over a decade and has received training and mentorship from experts in the fields of trauma and healing. Suri has completed certification in Traumatic Stress Studies under Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk. She is a certified Forward-Facing Coach and has received mentorship with Dr. Eric Gentry of the Forward-Facing Institute.  Suri is also an Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Provider and receives advanced mentorship from Dr. Leslie Korn. She is constantly learning and pursuing further training in order to provide her clients with a wide variety of healing techniques that are results driven.

In her coaching practice, Suri has found a creative and alternative approach that can move an individual forward and create a space for healing. She combines her personal experiences with her signature warmth and insight to help clients reduce the impact of their past painful experiences on daily living. Suri has seen that possessing an array of tools and modalities is key to helping each client on thier inner journey. To that end, she is a EFT/TAT practitioner and a Safe and Sound Protocol practitioner (a method developed by Dr. Stephen Porges).



Bachelors of Science in Psychology


Professional Certifications

Certification in Traumatic Stress Studies - Trauma Center at JRI

Certified Trauma & Resiliency Life Coach, Arizona Trauma International 

Certified Forward-Facing Coach, Forward Facing Institute 

Certified Provider of Integrative Medicine for Mental Health and Trauma, Leslie Korn

Institute for Integrative Medicine

Certified EFT/TAT Practitioner

Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner, Unyte, ILs

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