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Countryside Road

Hi, I’m Suri.


 I’ve been interested in psychology and mental health for as long as I can remember. While my peers were reading novels, I was devouring books about healing, self-help and personal growth. 


After years of self-transformation and healing, I realized that I wanted to help others on an integrative path toward mental and emotional health. I see my own journey as my greatest asset. I have seen that life is full of light, and that a human being can become whole again.  My life experience allows me to utilize a peer-to-peer approach in my practice. I’m passionate about helping others grow into their highest, fullest selves.

“Suri's skill and flexibility are evident in the way she is able to tailor each session to the direction and flow of the client. She is an extraordinary person who knows how to help clients truly move forward in their lives.”
- Miriam (Manela) Frankel OTR-L, The Parent-Child Dance

Who are you?

You’re someone who is aware that your past pain is still influencing your daily life and relationships.

You’re someone who yearns for the confidence and strength to build resilience in the face of adversity. You know that overcoming your past is up to you…and is within reach.

You’re someone who wants to find the courage to make real change. You are looking to create the vibrant, fulfilling life that’s been eluding you.

Let’s do this- together.

In the safe space of our sessions, we’ll work together using a whole-person approach. We’ll leverage the wisdom found in a wide range of modalities and use tools that are research-based and effective. Our time together will be focused on ensuring real results and personal growth within and outside of our sessions.

What will I bring to our sessions? A deep understanding of how our minds and bodies have been impacted by stress and past painful experiences. I’m trained in a multidisciplinary approach to counter the impacts of trauma, toxic stress and adversity. We'll work together, focusing on a healing process that creates lasting resiliency and emotional regulation. I look forward to honoring our shared time with integrity, safety and connection.


What you bring: your willingness to embark on this journey.

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